7922 Tripl Thrt DblMagPch Blk-2

7922 Tripl Thrt DblMagPch Blk-2

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The Model 7922 AccuMold Elite Triple Threat II Double Magazine Pouch is an open top design and features an injection molded belt loop for vertical or horizontal carry. Made with trilaminate construction with a leather-like finish. Available in dual belt loop design to conveniently fits both 2" and 2.25" duty belts.


- Horizontal or vertical carry
- Tri-laminate construction with Coptex knit lining
- Adjustable tension screw
- Slides on 2.25" belt slot


- Color: Plain Black


- Beretta: 92F, 96F, 92/96F Centurion, 8000/8040 Cougar, 9000S Type F, 92FS/96 Vertec
- Browning: Hi-Power
- Glock: 17, 19, 22, 23
- H&K: P7-M13, P2000-V2, P2000SK
- Ruger: P89, P91, P94, P95
- Smith & Wesson: 411, Sigma SW40F, SW99, M&P .40
- Sig Sauer: P226, P228, P229, SP2009, SP2340
- Springfield: XD-9, XD-40