Concealment Holster Overview

Posted by Doug on 7/28/2014

People that carry a concealed handgun on a daily basis regularly joke among themselves about the “drawer full” of holsters that they’ve collected through the years but don’t use. There are more than a few reasons that it takes a while to discover the right holster for you; you most likely need a couple of various types of holsters for a couple of diverse weapons; a few holsters are well made, while others aren’t. Taking into consideration all these aspects and increased by the many holster producers, custom holster makers, and semi-custom holster makers you wind up with a ton of holsters that you don’t use, and a couple of that you always do.

You can spare yourself this inconvenience by understanding the variable aspects of holsters in the first place. Here’s a general guide.


There are four main areas to look at with any concealment holster: security, weapon access, camouflage, and one-hand re-holstering capability.


The holster ought to hold the weapon securely while you conduct normal, and some not-so-normal activities such as running, jumping, inverting your body, climbing, entering and exiting vehicles, etc. You don’t spend your life sitting still, and in the face of a lethal force incident, you almost certainly will not be standing still.

Weapon Access

The holster should give access to the weapon as quickly as possible whether in a normal position, an abnormal position, moving around on the ground, or seat belted into your vehicle. Also, the weapon should be held in a stable position, so the draw can be reliable and fluid under stress. A concealment holster does not necessarily have to slow your draw down to a crawl.


The holster should imprint as little as possible on the outer garment. You should think carefully about the length and weight of your standard outer garment which will be concealing your holster and shop for your holster accordingly.

One-hand re-holstering ability

The ability to holster your weapon with one hand can be very helpful if your situation is such that you need the other hand for something in the wake of discharging your firearm or confronting a suspect with it, for example, handcuffing him, controlling him, or restraining innocents. This ability is not available in holsters made of thin, floppy material, and is a primary benefit of holsters made of rigid materials like Kydex. Some leather holsters utilize a metal band around the mouth to keep it open when the firearm is out of it.

So, there are the main areas to consider when choosing a concealment holster. You only have to decide which areas are important in your daily life . Depending upon your necessity you have to choose the type of holster that will suit you best. So, do not just collect holsters but use them for the benefits they provide.



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