Lower Parts Kits (Semi Auto)

Lower Parts Kits (Semi Auto)

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Daniel Defense is proud to offer this kit for those interested in assembling their own AR15. Although there are many manufacturers of so-called MIL-SPEC parts, Daniel Defense has gone to great lengths to insure the parts provided are of the highest quality and compatible with a wide assortment of available receivers. However as Daniel Defense has developed this kit, there has been a wide variety of lower receivers some from manufacturers of questionable quality. Consequently some of Daniel Defense parts may not fit properly in some of these receivers. Daniel Defense always recommends purchasing the highest quality parts available to assemble your AR15. But if your receiver is not compatible with these parts for any reason Daniel Defense will gladly accept your return for a full refund.

Daniel Defense Lower Receiver Parts Kit! Buy Yours Now!

Kit Includes:

- A2 Pistol Grip
- Magpul Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard
- Pistol Grip Screw
- Pistol Grip Lock Washer
- AR-15 Pivot Pin
- Bolt Catch Plunger
- Bolt Catch Roll Pin
- Bolt Catch Spring
- Buffer Retainer Pin
- Buffer Retainer Spring
- Disconnector Spring
- Magazine Catch Spring
- Magazine Release Button
- Two Pivot/Takedown Detent Pins
- Two Pivot/Takedown Detent Springs
- Rear Takedown Pin
- Safety Detent Selector
- Selector Detent Spring
- Trigger Guard Roll Pin
- Trigger Guard Set Screw
- Two Trigger/Hammer Pins
- Bolt Catch
- Hammer Spring
- Magazine Catch Assembly
- Safety Semi-Auto Selector
- Semi-Auto Disconnector
- Semi-Auto Hammer w/ J-Pin Assembly
- Semi-Auto Trigger
- Trigger Spring


- Weight: 7 oz.

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