Retail Pack 308 Gen I Lower Parts Kit

Retail Pack 308 Gen I Lower Parts Kit

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If you are looking to finish out your DPMS .308 AR lower than this DPMS Lower Receiver Parts kit is exactly what you have been searching for. You get every part that you need to finish a lower receiver up for either a pistol or rifle build. See below for the complete list of parts.


- DPMS .308 AR Complete Lower Parts Kit LRPK-308
- .308 AR/DPMS LR308 Lower Receiver Parts Kit
- Matte Black Pistol Grip


- Trigger
- Hammer
- Disconnector
- Pistol Grip
- Selector
- Bolt Catch Spring
- Detent Spring
- Bolt Catch Buffer
- Take Down Detent
- Bolt Catch
- Magazine Catch Spring
- Bolt Catch Roll Pin
- Magazine Catch Button
- Magazine Catch
- .308 Front Pivot Pin
- Hammer Spring
- Trigger Spring
- Pistol Grip Screw
- Pistol Grip Lock Washer
- Selector Spring
- Detent Selector
- Hammer Pin
- Trigger Pin
- .308 Take Down Pin
- Buffer Retainer Pin
- Buffer Retainer Spring
- Disconnector Spring

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