Streamlight Dualie 3AA Magnet with Battery - Black

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Streamlight’s line of Dualie 3AA multi-function flashlights just got a little bigger. We’re excited to announce that we now have a new model, the Dualie 3AA magnet. This new flashlight has two magnets in the integrated clip, allowing users to work hands-free. It is still an intrinsically safe, class 1, division 1 rated flashlight. It also has all the same features of the regular Dualie 3AA, shining both ahead of you and downward, helping you to avoid slips, trips and falls. Batteries included.


- Beams intersect for optimum path illumination and no blind spots
- Dual head switches on either side of the body for easy beam selection and one-handed operation
- Batteries included


Three Output Modes:

- 140 Lumen Spot Beam
- 140 Lumens Flood Beam
- 245 Lumens with the Spot and Flood Beam used Simultaneously

- Color: Black

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