Ultradyne C4 Flip-Up Sight - Front, AR-15/LR-308, Black

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The Ultradyne C4 Flip-Up Front Sight utilizes Ultradyne's exclusive dynalign technology for an always-centered sight pin. Adjusting the front sight pins on a competing BUIS creates a non-centric front sight picture where the pin is not centered in the front ears. Dynalign front sight elements move together, maintaining a concentric sight picture at all times. Dynalign is a faster and more accurate sight picture that can improve shooting performance.


- Purely Concentric Sight Picture
- Maximum Flexibility
- Windage-Adjustable for Zeroing
- Tool-Less Elevation Adjustment
- Multiple Front Sight Pin Options Available
- CNC Machined


- 12 MOA Dynalign Aperture
- Traditional Front Post


- Color: UD Black
- Finish: Salt Bath Nitride
- Material: 4140 Chrome Moly Steel
- Weight: 2.5 oz.
- Adjustment Click Value: 1.25 MOA
- Maximum Windage Adjustment: 40 MOA
- Maximum Elevation Adjustment: 28 MOA
- Offset: Yes
- Fixed or Folding: Fixed

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