Ultradyne C4 Muzzle Device Combo Dynamount Flip-Up Front Sight - Apollo Muzzle Brake LR-308 5/8"-24

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The Ultradyne C4 Muzzle Device Combo includes both Apollo Muzzle Brake and Dynamount Flip-Up Front Sight. The Ultradyne Apollo provides breakthrough recoil reduction for those who want the best performance available. Utilizing advanced imaging and precision instrumentation, Ultradyne engineers have created a compensator with ultimate recoil reduction. Muzzle rise has been optimized as well, without venting gas into the sight-path or back towards the shooter.

The C4 Ultradyne Flip-Up Front Sight features a purely concentric sight picture with windage and tool-less elevation adjustability. Designed for maximum flexibility, the Dynamount Front Sight is barrel mounted which greatly reduces sight movement compared to free-float handguard mounting. The Flip-Up Front Sight is also indexable to 45 Degrees for offset use, making it an absolute must have feature for competition shooters engaged in 3-Gun shooting.


Apollo Muzzle Break:

- Ultimate Recoil Reduction
- Minimal Muzzle Rise
- Class-Leading Performance
- 416 Stainless Steel
- Ultra Rugged Salt Bath Nitride Finish

C4 Dynamount Flip-Up Front Sight:

- Purely Concentric Sight Picture
- Maximum Flexibility
- Windage-Adjustable for Zeroing
- Indexable to 45 Degrees for Offset Use
- 10 MOA Dynalign Aperture and Front Post
- CNC Machined Aluminum

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