Why Kydex holsters over leather holsters?

Posted by Doug on 8/15/2014

Leather holsters have been shooting devotees’ first decision for a long time. Leather is physically and attractively engaging; it even smells great. Leather holster date back to the beginnings of handguns. The main advantage of leather holsters is how quietly the weapon can be drawn and re-holstered.

The main drawback to leather holsters is that they are touchy to temperature, dampness and stickiness. Leather doesn’t dry effectively; in the event that you leave a weapon in a wet leather holster for an extended period of time, it can result in the holster forming itself too tightly to the weapon. Re-holstering might be troublesome. They wear out and can be become unsafe.

So we can see that leather may not necessarily be the best choice for holster material. So, what’s next? That is where Kydex holsters come into play.

Kydex holsters are basically maintenance free. In the event that a Kydex holster gets grimy or dusty, you wash it off and wipe it down. Kydex holsters are prepared to be used immediately; they don’t have a break in period. They hold their shape even after they are used over a lifetime. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you see, even after years of hard usage.

To make Kydex holsters, holster makers heat a sheet of Kydex, mold it around a weapon, cut off the extra material and polish the completed holster. It’s a slow, involved process that requires craftsmanship and attention to detail. For instance, the Kydex must be heated to an exact temperature, which can vary depending on the holster being formed,  and cooled properly.

Any holster can wear the finish of your gun. The wearing of the gun finish is the primary concern confronting Kydex holster users. To minimize the issue, Kydex holsters are molded to the exact shape and type of the weapon. Retention points must be applied to the best possible areas of the gun and nothing more. By matching the weapon and molding the holster effectively, quality Kydex holsters make sure that the finish of the gun is not removed.

There are no injection molded holsters made with real Kydex brand plastic. That is because Kydex is built from unadulterated polymers; their expelled sheets don’t hold diverse stiffeners. Kydex lasts longer than less expensive plastic and is far less likely to harm your gun, regardless of how frequently you holster and re-holster.

People will continue to use holsters made from leather or other materials but we can easily see the benefits of Kydex holsters.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a leather holster or a comparatively cheap injection-molded plastic holster as long as you know what you’re getting. Like a leather holster, a Kydex holster is a handmade creation. It can bring you many years of trusted use.

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